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NegEnt Spray, guaranteed for its safety and tolerability throughout the European Union, by registration on the EU CPNP portal, with ID 230132 and reference 4369911, exhibits numerous therapeutic activities, documented in the scientific literature (see the bibliographic entries in the text, reported in the bibliography).

In particular, NegEnt Spray, thanks to its eutrophic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions, is very useful in improving the health conditions of the following organs and tissues:

  • cute
  • hair
  • joints
  • muscles
  • genitals
  • oral mucosa and gums
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Cute (Makhakhe, 2022)

The liposomal formulation of cannabidiol, contained in NegEnt Spray, allows the CBD to cross the external layer of the skin, overcoming the barrier constituted by the carpet of horny cells of the epidermis and thus improving the nutritional, oxidative and functional conditions of the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin. The aromatic substances, extracted from Chamomilla matricaria, act, however, above all on the external part of the skin, expressing a powerful emollient, hydrating, soothing, regenerative, astringent, antibacterial and antifungal action.

NegEnt Spray counteracts and eliminates, in just a few minutes, thanks to the combined and synergistic action of chamomile hydrolat and liposomal cannabidiol, itching and burning of the skin, connected to various negative conditions, such as mosquito bites, jellyfish lesions and irritation , caused by excessive exposure to the sun, or of an allergic nature.

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The preparation, developed by Prof. Tullio Scrimali, also exhibits the ability to improve the trophism of the elastic components of the skin, significantly reducing wrinkles when they first appear and improving the appearance of the deepest and most ingrained ones. Collagen is the most important protein for the firmness and elasticity of the skin, as it is precisely this component that gives the skin flexibility and tone. For years, rigorous scientific research has demonstrated that cannabidiol significantly contributes to promoting the production of collagen in the skin context.

NegEnt Spray also exhibits, thanks to the synergy of the chamomile hydrolate, with the cannabidiol component, a sebum-regulating action which makes it particularly suitable for improving the wellness conditions of acne-prone skin.

The positive action on collagen trophism and the sebum-regulating action of NegEnt are also useful in the treatment of cellulite, a condition characterized by the excessive accumulation of fats in the skin, with simultaneous depletion of the connective structures, composed of collagen.


Topical application of liposomal cannabidiol and chamomile extracts plays a positive role on hair growth and health. The endocannabinoid system demonstrates an important functional regulation action of the cells responsible for hair growth, also exhibiting a positive anti-inflammatory, sebum-regulating and antioxidant effect (Smith, G.L. 2023). These actions optimize the conditions for hair regrowth in the hair follicle. CBD also appears to improve blood perfusion of the hair follicle. There is scientific evidence, still preliminary, but already quite authoritative that the topical application of products based on liposomal cannabidiol can cure alopecia and promote hair regrowth (Smith G.L., Satino J., 2021). The multiple positive actions of CBD on the hair are enhanced by those of the aromatic chamomile extracts which have a further soothing, anti-itching and anti-inflammatory action. NegEnt Spray is therefore recommended for the daily treatment of hair in order to promote its health, counteract any excessive hair loss and promote intense and healthy regrowth.

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Genitals (Barach, Slavin, Earleywine, 2020)

NegEnt Spray can also be applied to the mucous membranes of the penis and vagina, being able to produce high hygiene conditions, thanks to its antimicrobial action, which hinders bacterial fermentations, responsible for bad odors, but also to exhibit strong soothing actions , antioxidant and eutrophic. Literature data and experimental experiences, conducted by Prof. Tullio Scrimali, have shown that NegEnt Spray does not irritate in any way the delicate mucous membranes of the male and female genitals and, indeed, improves hygiene, odor and subjective well-being. In vulvodynia, encouraging results have been obtained in reducing vulvar pain and distress.

Oral mucosa and gums (Lowe, Toyang, Steele, Bryant, Ngwa, Nedamat, 2021)

The eutrophic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions of NegEnt Cosmeceutical Spray also contribute to improving the health of the buccal mucosa and gums, in case of canker sores, gingival inflammation and periodontal disease. With the use of NegEnt Spray the pain is quickly relieved and the healing of the lesions is quicker and more complete.

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