NegEnt Medical Care

NegEnt Medical Care: is a project based on scientific evidence and supported by the supervision of Healthcare Professionals.

First of all, the NegEnt Medical Care project distances itself from the plethora of commercial proposals on cannabidiol, on sale today in stores and on the web, which is not based on scientific evidence and supervision by Healthcare Professionals (Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentists, Psychologists, Technicians of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Physiotherapists).

Consequently, NegEnt Medical Care guarantees, on the contrary, a qualified health advice, both in its specialized centers, present in the territory, such as, for example, in Sicily, in Enna, Acicastello, Palermo and Ragusa (see: and but, also, thanks to online consultations, which can be requested from all over Italy and from abroad, in this case, in English.


Health consultations, prescription, and supervision of cannabidiolic therapies.

Through the NegEnt Medical Care system, patients will be able to obtain health consultations, for the purpose of a correct prescription and supervision of cannabidiolic therapies that, in the perspective, proposed by Prof. Tullio Scrimali, ( must be implemented in holistic terms, integrated with psychotherapy and complex.

In fact, this practice is proposed, by qualified health professionals, with low costs, in the framework of an ethical approach, fair and ethical.

For information and reservations call: +39 095492945