NegEnt Aromatherapy

NegEnt, exclusively made from cannabidiol, original acquisition by Prof. Tullio Scrimali.

NegEnt is an innovative product, scientifically validated, based on cannabidiol, able to improve human health, made water-soluble by ultrasonic conjugation with liposomes.

Further NegEnt is made from dry light cannabis buds, legally cultivable in Italy, using the method of supercritical carbon dioxide. Moreover, NegEnt does not contain any trace of THC or other components of cannabis; it is therefore an exclusive CBD product.

In conclusion, Cannabidiol, in Italy, is currently on free sale.

The name and logo were created and deposited by Prof. Tullio Scrimali; the water-soluble preparation is an original acquisition, developed by Tullio Scrimali (, which makes its use effective, efficient, and reliable.

The Negative Entropy as objective of every pharmacological, psychotherapeutic, or rehabilitative treatment.

The name NegEnt comes, by contraction, from Negative Entropy which, in turn, refers to the innovative model -and in some ways, revolutionary- for the therapy of schizophrenia, developed by Scrimali (Scrimali T.: Entropy of Mind and Negative Entropy. A Cognitive and Complex Approach to Schizophrenia and its Therapy. Karnac Books, London, 2008)

Schizophrenia and, in general, psychic discomfort, were defined by Tullio Scrimali, Entropy of Mind, with reference to Thermodynamics, to indicate a condition of disorder of the brain and mind and, Therefore, any psychiatric disorder or even of medical relevance (in this case, however, it would be Entropy of the body!).

In fact In this perspective, every treatment, in Psychiatry and Medicine, whether pharmacological, psychotherapeutic or rehabilitative, must aim to promote a condition of Negative Entropy (Negative Entropy in English).

From this premise comes the choice of the name of NegEnt Aromatherapy, new hydro soluble liposomal cannabidiolic product, developed by Tullio Scrimali.


cannabidiolo e salute

The NegEnt presentation path implemented by Prof. Scrimali to make the product available to human subjects and suffering pets.

To propose NegEnt, as part of the promotion of human and veterinary health, a number of organizational and, above all, legal issues had to be addressed. In fact, only recently cannabidiol has been introduced in the Official European Pharmacopoeia as a Magistral Galenic Drug and the regulations for its use are still evolving, with the result of having to compare, still today, in Italy and Europe, with a legislative framework of not univocal interpretation.

In order to make NegEnt available to human subjects and suffering pets, Prof. Tullio Scrimali has implemented a process of product development, still in progress. As part of this process, several forms of presentation and sale of NegEnt have been identified. In addition, such forms have been designed and are currently developing through the following steps: NegEnt as Masterful Galenic Cannabidiol, NegEnt Aromatherapy, CE Medical Device, NegEnt Dietary Supplement and NegEnt Traditional Herbal Drug.

Further, two methods of product presentation are already in use: the first, made, as required by law, exclusively, by pharmacies, on presentation of non-repeatable medical prescription.

The second, as CE marked Medical Device, manufactured by Herbal Neurocare and sold, via electronic commerce, on this website (see the page of acquisitions). Moreover, very soon, based on the evolution of European legislation, which is already in place, NegEnt will be registered, also as a Nutraceutical Product and as a Traditional Herbal Medicine.

NegEnt Aromatherapy, Medical Device, registered at the Ministry of Health and marked CE

Although cannabidiol is, today, freely on sale, both on the web, and in light cannabis shops, without any guarantee for the consumer regarding the safety of the product, Herbal Neurocare, under the impulse of Tullio Scrimali -cannabis scientist- has chosen to follow the European regulation of Medical Devices. In conclusion today, after a long, difficult, multi-year and very expensive development program, can propose, with NegEnt, for the first time in the European Union, a liposomal cannabidiolic product, with reference to the scientific background of Aromatherapy, guaranteed as Medical Device, equipped with CE mark, and filed with the Italian Ministry of Health.

NegEnt, is guaranteed by the CE mark, throughout Europe and worldwide!

The choice of such expensive and complex procedure, to date not at all mandatory, (It’s easy, in fact, to observe that all products based on cannabidiol, on sale today, are CE-marked and, therefore, without any guarantee on the validity and safety of the product!) is in tune with the ethical vision, not aimed exclusively at profit, by Herbal Neurocare which, through the CE marking procedure, guarantees the consumer (beyond the current legal obligations) the reliability, safety and traceability of NegEnt.

Further, the scientific communication and health information of NegEnt, Medical Device, is also implemented according to the stringent regulations of the Ministry of Health, for Medical Devices.

Liposomal Cannabidiol for Aromatherapy

20% aqueous solution

CE Medical Device for Human and Veterinary Use

Original water-soluble formula, developed and deposited by Tullio Scrimali

Manufacture and Marketing: Herbal Neurocare SRL, Via Dante n.1, Enna


Improves neuropsychic well-being and sleep quality

Reduces pain in inflammatory syndromes

It optimizes also oral hygiene and contributes to the health of the mouth, gums and periodontal.

Relieves itching and erythema of irritated skin

It counteracts oxidative stress and cellular senescence, favoring optimal aging processes all above.

Mode of use

Ambient nebulization.

Deposition on the sublingual oral mucosa

Rinse off, after dilution in water.

Spraying of the skin, by direct deposition or vaporization, by atomizer.


NegEnt is a Cannabidiol-based Aromatherapy Product manufactured in Italy by Herbal Neurocare, proposed for sale, promotion and health information as a Class I Medical Device, CE marked.

Firstly, NegEnt is not a drug, dietary supplement or nutraceutical product. It does not have therapeutic, but healthy properties. Further It is not proposed as an alternative to specific and traditional therapies but as a tool for improving human and animal health, in a perspective add-on to standard drug therapies, already scientifically validated.

In addition, we recommend the use of NegEnt under the supervision of qualified health professionals, such as Doctors, Pharmacists, Psychologists, Technicians of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Physiotherapists and, for PET, Veterinarians.

Moreover, specialist advice, online, can be requested from the NegEnt Medical Care service (see the dedicated page of this website).

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