Legal and commercial notes

Cannabidiol, in Italy, is currently on free sale, also online (see: Enecta and Amazon), generating, every year, a turnover of millions of Euro and an employment of thousand people.

Herbal Neurocare, however, wishes to differentiate NegEnt from the plethora of commercial proposals on the market, devoid of any scientific basis, and presented without any theoretical and experimental references which could document the positive effects on human and animal health. The scientific information on the safety of the product is also usually lacking and the CE marking is not implemented as a guarantee for consumers.

NegEnt, is the arrival point of an original Italian scientific project, located in an internal area of ​​Sicily, which is the Enna’s Province. In this area Herbal Neurocare is setting up the Demetra Project. This project is aimed at developing the cultivation of light cannabis for the production of NegEnt (a patented liposomal formula) which is an important safeguard of human health, developed by Prof. Tullio Scrimali, in the laboratories ( and clinical facilities ( of the Istituto Superiore per le Scienze Cognitive (, a non profit Company he have found more than 30 years ago!

To guarantee the safety of NegEnt, Herbal Neurocare, has faced the long and expensive registration procedure of NegEnt as a Medical Device marked CE, with the Ministry of Health under number 2183057. After the approvation, in Italy, of the new European rules 2017/745, Herbal Neurocare, started the process for changing the Class of NegEnt from I to III. This process is actually in progress.