NegEnt Drops are a specialized topical product, designed for application on the buccal mucosa. These drops are available for purchase on this website, as well as in qualified pharmacies, parapharmacies, and herbalist stores. Formulated as mouthwash drops, NegEnt Drops comply with European Union legislation, which mandates notification to the CPNP Portal of the European Commission. Notably, these drops have been officially registered with the number 1006907 on September 27, 2023.

Key Points:

  • Purpose: Designed for buccal mucosa application.
  • Availability: Purchase online or at authorized retail locations.
  • Compliance: Meets EU regulations and CPNP notification requirements.
  • Accessibility: Available without restrictions (no prescription or legal constraints) in any country within the European Union.

NegEnt DropsLiposomal Cannabidiol for Human and Veterinary Use


Liquid product, in 10ml vialwith dropper.

  • 20% aqueous solution
  • Original water-soluble formula
  • Manufacturing and marketing: Herbal Neurocare SRL, Via Dante n.1, Enna
Dispatched and delivered within 5 business days in the European union