Following the publication, in the Official Gazette, of a Decree by the Minister of Health, Schillaci, all preparations, for oral use, based on cannabidiol, from 22 September 2023, will be considered a drug, purchasable in pharmacies, exclusively upon presentation of a medical prescription, non-repeatable.

Herbal Neurocare is working promptly to adapt the production, sale, registration and commercial communication of NegEnt Aromaterapico Gocce to the dictates of the new ministerial decree and, therefore, has temporarily suspended, and for a short time, online sales.

NegEnt Aromaterapico Drops will be offered, again and very soon, for free sale, on this website. In fact, it does not fall within the provisions dictated by the Schillaci decree, as it is proposed as a product for topical use in drops, to be applied on the buccal mucosa. NegEnt Aromaterapico Gocce therefore falls within European legislation and requires notification to the CPN portal.

On this site, the sale of NegEnt Gocce as a Galenic Medicine will also be implemented very soon, the telematic sale of which by partner pharmacies will take place through an online health consultation process, to be implemented via the NegEnt Medical Care page and electronic prescription, equally active on the aforementioned page.

NegEnt Liposomial CBD


Liquid product, in 10ml vialwith dropper.

  • 20% aqueous solution
  • Original water-soluble formula
  • Manufacturing and marketing: Herbal Neurocare SRL, Via Dante n.1, Enna