Herbal Neurocare S.r.l.

Manufacture and Sale of NegEnt

Herbal Neurocare is a limited liability company (S.r.l.). It is also an innovative start-up, founded by Prof. Tullio Scrimali, psychiatrist, neuroscientist, researcher, and expert in medical cannabis (www.tullioscrimali.it). Moreover, In Enna, Scrimali has developed and directs Medical Cannabis ALETEIA (www.cannabismedicaaleteia.it).


Herbal Neurocare: An Ethical Enterprise.

Absolute respect for the customer, the employees, the environment.

First, Herbal Neurocare aims to operate in the vision of an ethical company, respectful of customers, but also of its employees and the environment. With this intention, in the context of staff recruitment, men, women and LGBT people are considered with equal respect. Especially, particular care is taken in the inclusion in the Company of people with disabilities. In addition, the commercial policies, towards all the actors of the cannabidiol supply chain, from the field to the pharmacy, are ethical and supportive. Further, maximum care is also given to the achievement of an ecological dimension of the activities, so that the Company can pursue the greatest possible reduction of the environmental impact and CO2 emissions.

The activities of Herbal Neurocare.

Manufacture and Sale of NegEnt, Medical Device CE for Aromatherapy.

The company mission of Herbal Neurocare, in the biomedical field, is the manufacture and sale, through e-commerce, of NegEnt, a product, based on liposomal cannabidiol, developed and patented by Prof. Tullio Scrimali, psychiatrist, neuroscientist and cannabis scientist (www.tullioscrimali.it).